ITH Pharma specialises in the provision of aseptic compounding services for all therapy areas.

We lead the industry in innovation, providing flexible services with both batch & bespoke items for adults, paediatrics & neonates.


Please see attached pdf for details of the precautions we have put in place due to the coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak.

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Easter Opening Hours 2020

Please see attached PDF for details of our opening hours over the Easter Period.

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We’re always setting new standards

We deliver our promises

ITH Pharma has set new standards of reliability in the industry, agreeing cut off times that guarantee the products arrive when you need them.

We deliver our promises

ITH Pharma has set new standards of reliability in the industry, agreeing cut off times that guarantee the products arrive when you need them. Our staff are cross-trained in all disciplines, so regardless of illness or bad weather, we will continue to supply.

We provide a service level agreement so you can measure our performance in turnaround, complaint handling and all aspects of service. We can also agree to support you if your unit shuts down, during staff shortages or bank holidays.

A service to suit you

Because we are an independent company, we can tailor-make our services to suit your needs. We have no maximum or minimum ordering quantities and ordering can be done online, by fax or email.

For paperwork and labels, we offer a bespoke template service that allows you to create new order forms and labels or for ease of transition, you can continue to use your existing paperwork.

We can provide monthly usage reports tailor-made to hospital, ward or directorate and offer device filling and manufacturer of your choosing.

We deliver

We provide a bespoke, reactive same day or overnight service from a 24hr professional and experienced team with dedicated named contacts for clients.

In general, orders that are received before 10:30am will be delivered the same day. Those received after 11:30am will be delivered overnight.

Our Retail Pharmacy Licence means we can deliver medicines directly to your patient’s home.

We are flexible and will agree cut off times with you. Please contact us on 0208 838 8260 to discuss what can be arranged.

More of a solution than a headache

ITH Online, our online ordering system, is the latest option for ordering aseptic products.

Unlike similar services, it has been specifically designed and built to be comprehensive and user friendly, making registration, ordering and tracking of orders as easy as possible.

The system offers minimal navigation with choice of products, quantities and delivery times and simplifies repeat orders for scheduled works.

What our customers say about us

Our customers’ views are at the core of our business. We encourage on-going feedback so we know how well we are performing, rather than how well we think we are doing. Our aim is to ensure that we provide good services at all times.

Providing an unrivalled customer service

We aim to consistently exceed your expectation.